"He is the best at what he does, bar none.
Playing as an undersized middle linebacker at
the D1 level is extremely physically taxing on
the body, and I can honestly say that without
the care of Dr. Brady, I would not have been
able to play in several games that I ended up
starting and playing well in. I’ve referred
friends, family, and countless teammates to Dr.
Brady over the years, and all have thanked me
for it. If you have any injuries, aches, or
pains that need to treated, let Dr. Brady help
you out."

--Brandon Ogletree, 2012 BYU linebacker and captain

Love Dr. Brady, instead of treating symptoms he
treats causes and expects me to regain use of my
badly sprained ankle, dislocated shoulder or
torn calf muscle. My dislocated shoulder was my
tennis serving shoulder and Dr Brady not only
helped my shoulder recover the additional
benefit is my serve is stronger than before my
injury! --Lori

I had been having achilles pain for a number of
months and everything I had done with our team
trainer had failed to have any real effect. As a
last resort I came to see Dr. Brady and he was
able to get me back to playing. He was very
professional to work with and played a key role
into getting me back to full fitness. --BYU
soccer player

I am a walking billboard for the magic that
happens at Doctor Brady's office. As an ironman
triathlete, I put my body through the ringer and
as a result have a need to get "fixed up" every
now and then. Dr. Brady not only fixes what ails
me but educates me on the process of healing. I
strongly recommend him and his staff to everyone
that I come in contact with who needs to get
healthy again! --Andy C., Ironman triathlete

"You are the man." -- BYU linebacker, after
quickly returning to play from a severe ankle

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